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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for checking out my video on how to make money selling scrap copper wire. The way I am able to do this is by scrapping copper wire from a transformer for money/profit!

In this video on how to make money selling scrap copper wire, I show you the learning curve I go through while attempting to scrap the copper wire from the transformer all while trying to be efficient with my time.

This was my first attempt at extracting copper from a transformer and as you will see in the video, multiple attempts needed to be made until I found the correct way (for me) to take it apart. Unfortunately, I did not have a hammer which many people use on youtube to get the copper out but regardless, I found another way!

The business of scrapping copper wire from transformers and other items which contain copper can be a lucrative endeavor, only if it is done efficiently. The amount of time I spent scrapping the transformer in order to get to the 1.15lb of copper was not worth the money that was made. Nonetheless, I am hoping that by doing video’s like this, I help to shed light on what to expect from taking apart certain items as well as the most inefficient and inefficient ways of doing so!

I hope you enjoyed this video and the editing style I have been using because I really enjoyed making it! Thank you guys for checking out my video on how to make money selling scrap copper wire. I greatly appreciate every view that comes to my videos and would appreciate it even more if you liked and subscribed to my channel if you would like to see more content like this!

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