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Hey Everyone, Thanks for checking out my video on how to make money scrapping a computer power supply for copper and motherboard.

In this video, I show you my first attempt at taking apart a computer power supply, all while separating all of the valuable materials in their own respective places.

I have two reasons for this experiment; the first is that I want to show how much money could be made from scrapping the PSU for all the valuable pieces such as the copper. My second reason is to show the difference in value between selling the power supply as a whole or scrapping it for its individuals pieces while keeping time in mind.

As such, in this video, I show the copper, aluminum, steel, wires and motherboard that the power supply contains within it.

I also show the weight and value of each class of items; tallying up the entire sum at the end of the video. In my opinion, scrapping a computer power supply for the copper, aluminum, wires and motherboard is a worthwhile endeavor if you have the proper tools to get it done quickly, safely and efficiently. Otherwise, spending 35 minutes to make an additional $2 is not something I recommend anyone if they want to make money.

Thank you guys for checking out my video how to make money scrapping a computer power supply for copper, aluminum, wires and motherboards.

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