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Hello Everyone, thank you for checking out my video on recycling an apple computer at an ewaste center. Specifically an Apple Mac Pro a1289 which is scrapped to its individual components.

My name is Aram Joseph and I am the proud owner of an electronics recycling center which properly handles electronics by finding new use for them and ultimately keeping them out of landfills.

In this video on recycling an apple computer at an ewaste center, I break down an Apple Mac Pro a1289 desktop computer to its individual parts. by doing so, I show the extent to which my facility and the like process ewaste and find use for parts that make up these electronic devices.

I hope that by watching this video, you gained some insight into the world of electronic recycling and how computers are specifically processed at such a facility as mine.

Thank you very much for stoping by to check out my video on what happens when I recycle an apple computer at an ewaste center. I plan on posting a video a week regarding the recycling and refurbishment of old, broken and unique electronics.

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