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In this video, I scrap a server computer for its individual components consisting of the motherboard, power supply, optical drive, hard drive, wires as well as fans.

I own and operate an electronics recycling or ewaste center which focuses on either refurbishing or scrapping old or broken electronics. Electronics have allowed us to progress as a society to achieving new heights we only imagined could have been possible. As such, the equipment taking us on this journey is regularly replaced with their improved versions, leaving the inferior devices unattended to.

For this reason, I decided to open up a ewaste center and recycle and if possible, refurbish all computer, servers, phones, laptops tablets etc. that come my way. Here, I scrap out a desktop server computer for its individual components such as the motherboard, power supply, hard drive, optical drive and wires.

The reason for this is because I am able to refurbish and resell these individual components while recycling the case for its value as an alloy, allowing me to have zero waste. I hope you enjoyed this video and gained some insight into the world of ewaste recycling and how important it is for our environment to keep these hazardous materials out of landfills!

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