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In this video, I test 15 windows desktop pc computers for the Motherboard, CPU as well as the RAM!

I own and operate an ewaste recycle center and often handle computers that were donated by IT Managers of different businesses. As a result, as seen in this video, majority of the towers cases were the same but the configurations differed from one another based on their CPU, RAM and Motherboard configuration!

Furthermore, as seen in this video, I do my best to make sure all electronics that are donated to my facility are repurposed and reused to the best of my ability. The significance of this is that as seen in this video, instead of selling these towers per pound to a facility where they will eventually be crushed, I instead test them out to see their exact CPU, Motherboard and RAM configuration. All of this is in the hopes of being able to refurbish these components and sell them back to the public where they would be used in a new system!

Finally, I hope this video gave you insight into the world of ewaste recycling as well as how important it is to keep these items out of landfills!

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