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Thanks for checking out my video on unboxing a returned Asus motherboard from an eBay buyer damaged!

In this video on unboxing a returned Asus motherboard from eBay an buyer damaged, I show a glimpse into the life of online sales which are returns. I get into the weeds of the sale by showing pictures of the motherboard that were from my eBay listing compared to the condition in which I got the motherboard.

I understand that some individuals are less technically inclined than others and that is totally fine. My problem is with individuals who trash items and then return them under the guise of “receiving them in said condition” for the sole purpose of getting a refund on their mistake. On the other end of those transactions are sellers such as myself who work hard to sell items “as described”, all while giving superior customer service.

Nonetheless, returns are calculated into every commerce based business. All that you can do as an owner is mitigate the damage done by having proof such as what I had done in this video as well as communicating with the buyer in a respectful and patient manor in order to achieve a desirable outcome.

Thank you guys for checking out my video on unboxing a returned Asus motherboard from an eBay buyer damaged. I greatly appreciate every view that comes to my videos and would appreciate it even more if you liked and subscribed to my channel if you would like to see more content like this!

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