The process of electronic recycling begins by sorting all electronic devices received. All items that contain sensitive information are labeled for Data Destruction. Functional devices are transferred to our Reuse Department and non-operational devices go to our Repurposing Department.


Electronic devices that have no useful life left in them are recycled responsibly in accordance with our state certifications. We make sure said electronic devices are responsibly recycled by partnering with certified facilities that specialize in processing the devices into their bare materials. From there, the materials are sent off to be reused in creating new products we all enjoy everyday.


Once the electronic devices are sent to our reuse department, they then go through rigorous testing to determine the attention required to get them to a safe standard of usability and functionality. After inspection, the devices are repaired to a safe and functional standard and then resold on a number of platforms to the public.

Our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint made by the disposal of E-waste by keeping these materials out of landfills and recycling them back into the stream of commerce. Our pride lies in the ability to bring new life into devices that had no purpose.

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